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We are indie devs gone wild, we built the game we badly needed without compromises to fun, metal and action and...and people actually loved it. Let's make something bigger together!
Guillaume Breton
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We want to work with you! We already made several commission like music video or small videogames for others.

We don't do boring stuff, but when we make one, we make DAMN it right.

Our fields : Design, Dev, Graphics, Audio, Music, Motion Design, Assets, Art Directions, Pixels!

They trusted us : Ankama - Accidental Queens - VolkorX - Mooshku for Gunship Music, and countless others.

Contact : business at

Some stuff we did :

VolkorX This means war pixel music video

Directed and animated by Gyhyom.

Music by Volkor X, written by Gyhyom & Volkor X.


Taken from Volkor X first album, "This Means War",

released on June 6th, 2016 on CD, cassette, vinyl and digital through Planet Cracker Records.


The galactic forces have put a bounty on Volkor X's head. Only The bounty hunter can face him in a duel of the fates. What will be the outcome of this encounter?

Will the universe be destroyed by Volkor X?

Shoot an email on jobs at!