DeathTower is an overclocked roguelite tactical RPG. Your objective is simple: to survive each floor of the megastructure. Stealth, hacking, devastating weapons... Do whatever it takes to fight your way to the top.


What is DeathTower?

DeathTower is our next game, it is in development since 2018. We blended Nuclear Throne with Fire Emblem to create a frenetic and intense tactical roguelite RPG with hack elements and a roguelite loop. The game will evolve with the feedback of the community.


The game draws heavily from Blame!, Final fantasy Tactics but at some point we wanted something that was not just shades of darkness, we wanted to keep the mood but add colors and vibrance.


  • 6 playable characters.
  • Around 30 enemy types, each with their own unique characteristics.
  • 4 very different biomes with unique challenges and bosses.
  • 10+ mini bosses.
  • 75 weapons.
  • 75 hacks to attack, defend, manipulate the battlefield and summon terrifying creatures.
  • 10 fluid class trees comprising a total of 75 skills.




About Headbang Club

We are a game studio, we create our IP's but we also assist friends creating awesome games.
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DeathTower Credits

Vincent Beauzée
Main Exploder - VFX and GPP.
Jean Boulestin
Trap designer - Systems, Game Design.
Guillaume "Gyhyom" Breton
Multi million frames spritesheet artist - Original Idea and Art Director
Louna Charial
Grand architect - Level Designer
Marion Denmat
boss breeder - GPP
David "Blackmagic" Elahee
Demon Lord of Code
Frédéric "Elmobo" Motte
Audio Director
Thomas "Togi" Giro
Xbox Gran Masta, Hair rainbowing, paper tearing - Technical Lead
Antoine Grelet
Speakers crusher - Sound DEsigner
Marco Vanbecelaere
Grass mover - Developper
Professionnal World Destroyer - Compositor
May Chautant
Additionnal Pixel Art
Heloïse Modat
Additionnal Pixel Art