We are a game studio, we create our IP's but we also assist friends creating awesome games.


let's rock

The studio was founded when they created Double Kick Heroes during Ludum Dare #34 in late 2015. The team wanted to make a frenetic rhythm game based on METAL and shooting and... well ultimate destruction, no less. With the groove of the epic Elmobo and his 25 years of experience in video game music AND METAL production, they won the Gold Medal for Music and ranked #10 in graphics for the Ludum Dare challenge. Many players enjoyed the mix of shooting, crimson mood and intense action on the beat. The game skyrocketed to more than 200 comments and constructive feedbacks overwhelmed them..

Early Access

After delivering an enhanced post jam version, more than 50 000 people played the game all around the world. They were also best shooter for some monthes on, which in these days of abundant indie shooters is a feat in itself. The crew felt a deep need for a rock solid metal-rhythm-action-shooting-Gundillac video game! So they decided to deliver a bigger and better version for desktops! These were good days for indies despite an indiepocalypse very present The game performed well in Early Access and then the team aimed for home consoles with the help of Plugin Digital.

After that

Double Kick Heroes was a success thanks to deals and gamepass but since our fellow devs never landed a publisher, they had to survive beyond the creation of their next game. They are still creating their own game which is announced but they produce and help lot of other studio to amass the cash to build the next game. Along the way they met awesome people, dev, designers, trainees and partnered on the long road to the next game. They happily integrated Togi and Jean in the core crew and built a network of talented people to both advance their super secret project and provide services to friends. Among these, they are helping their friend from Punkcake Delicieux to bring Shotgun King to the home consoles.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Indie Soundtrack : Double Kick Heroes" Ping 2019
  • "Best Mainstream Soundtrack : Double Kick Heroes" Ping 2019
  • "Best Indie Game : Double Kick Heroes" Gamescom 2017
  • "Best Game to Play : Double Kick Heroes" Play Awards 2016
  • "Jury's Choice : Double Kick Heroes" Play Awards 2016
  • "Heart Crush : Double Kick Heroes" Animasia 2016
  • "Gold medal for Music, #10 for graphics, #15 overall : Double Kick Heroes" Ludum Dare #34, December 2015
  • "3rd Best Indie Game : Double Kick Heroes" Stunfest, May 2016

Selected Articles

  • Double Kick Heroes is a stunning shoot-'em-up with a metal rhythm!
    PC GAMER ,
  • Ooooh je instant hype!
Shotgun King for Consoles
Double Kick Heroes

Team & Repeating Collaborator

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Audio Director
Sound Design
Dev and Design and Business
Technical Lead.
Game Design.
Level Design.
Office Management and Design
External : Release management
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friends we made along the way, Clara, Lea, William, Sandrine, and so many more. Thank you.